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Our company provides Web design & development solutions for any type of business. our E-commerce websites are based on a unique E-commerce platform developed by us, for our customers.

Miami E-commerce is a division of Network Strategics inc. we are committed to help the local S. Florida Business community.

Special Web Design & E-commerce web development packages are available to S. Florida Businesses. These offers apply to any business in the Dade, Broward, Palm Beach County areas.

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E-commerce website development solutions include:

Shopping Cart Development
SSL Certificate integration
E-commerce web design
Merchant Account creation & Integration
Virtual Payment Gateway Setup
Database creation and management
Product setup
Search Engine Optimization

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E-commerce Hosting Plans Starting at $3.99/Mo


E-commerce website is a great resource every business should have.

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Featured projects:

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ecommerce Solution development for Local Businesses, Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach.


Miami E-commerce specializes in complex E-commerce web design and development. Miami E-commerce can help you get your products and services online fast. our unique E-commerce platform was developed as a robust secure E-commerce platform that is fully customizable to fit your needs. Need an E-commerce website? call us today!


Are you in need of a customized ecommerce solution for your business?

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Customized ecommerce software development for your business.

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Miami E-commerce Business Solutions.


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Increase Sales - By reaching larger number of potential customers in existing and new markets.

Decrease Costs - Save on marketing costs, Promotional materials and events, order processing, distribution costs, handling customer calls, reduces inventories

Increase Profits - increasing sales volume while decreasing your costs will increase your profits.


out of the box ecommerce solutions are not for everyone. If you need a custom developed ecommerce solution, You have reached the right place.

Miami E-commerce Business Solutions.

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Developing an E-commerce website for your business will help you grow your business by exposing your products and services to millions of potential customers.

more and more businesses use the internet and their E-commerce website as a major part of their marketing strategy.


Miami E-commerce Business Solutions.  can develop a customized ecommerce website like no other.

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